Capstone with Annabelle Gould
Timeline – Spring Quarter 2020
Team – Patricia Lee, Raziah Ahmad
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Dis/close is a space to explore how our identities and past experiences have played a central role in developing our sense of self. It started off as a means for us to find similarities and differences between our experiences, and ended with us finding a sense of community with one another. Through these conversations, we hope that others will resonate with parts of our experiences and recognize that they are not alone.
Dis/close reflects the nature of the conversations—distant as we conducted them over Zoom, yet close as we developed a sense of compassion and understanding for each others’ experiences.
The logo is a play on these words combined with a slash.
“As you get older that’s when there’s this realization that somehow your culture isn’t cool anymore, and you try to suppress that part of yourself a little bit which is depressing to think about.”
We decided to feature our conversations on a live website to not only make them accessible, but also allow us to easily showcase more discussions in the future. Throughout our initial conversations, we found that there is still more to unpack and we have only begun to scratch the surface. Each conversation includes a detailed illustration that reflects the vulnerable nature and depth of our discussions.
Throughout the conversations, we showcase personal photos and definitions that directly relate to the text to provide more context. We also included pull quotes throughout, to highlight key moments in our discussions that help provide an overview of what is being disclosed. To accompany the text, the user can also choose to play audio of us reading along to immerse themselves in a more personal experience.
“But it was a good reminder that at the end of the day, you don’t need anything fancy, you just need a space for people to come together.”