Interface Design 1 with Andrew Allen
Timeline – Winter Quarter 2019
Team – Jenna Shanker, Alyssa Collister
IssueVoter is a platform that informs constituents about new bills, allows them to send opinions to their local Rep, and track their Rep’s votes and bill outcomes. Featuring photography, icons, and infographics, IssueVoter promotes political engagement by making information more accessible. Through streamlined communication, this app eases the process of making a difference.
The target audience for IssueVoter is American citizens who are familiar with social medias and want to be more politically active and informed. They are generally motivated individuals who are curious about politics, and have fast-paced, busy lifestyles.
The primary purpose of the app is to be an engaging platform that provides a pathway to communicate with representatives about bills.
My role was creating helping with the design of the app and creating a clickable walkthrough in Principle.
The app provides effective and streamlined interactions, by referencing social media apps like Instagram as well as news apps. By utilizing these common interactions that our target audience engages with, we hope to invite users back to the app.
The app has a sophisticated, yet approachable feel that invites users to engage with bills and send in their opinions. The main screen is designed as feed of bills, similar to social media and news apps, while incorporating icons to provide visual interest. The color palette was intentionally neutral as we didn't want to assign "loaded" colors such as red and blue to the "Support" and "Oppose" buttons on each bill.