Kaiser Permanente
Corporate Identities with Steve Watson
Timeline – Winter Quarter 2019
Kaiser Permanente is an innovative healthcare system, but its current brand blends in with other healthcare providers. This imagined rebrand of Kaiser showcases a more friendly visual identity to match its holistic infrastructure and mission to provide the best healthcare so their patients are able to thrive.
The logo mark was inspired by the caduceus, a medical symbol formed from the staff of Hermes and winding snakes. The three curves of the "snake" reflect Kaiser's three tier infrastructure. The all caps type set in Acumin conveys stability, and when used with Justus Pro in applications provides a good balance of softness and dependability.
While the visual system still utilizes blues typically seen in other healthcare brands, there's an added warmth with the secondary colors. When used together in applications, these colors elevate the brand and accentuate its friendliness.
“Your path to healthy is all yours. We're here to help you with choices along the way.”

– Kaiser Permanente
The visual system utilizes various graphic elements to create a brand that is both approachable and trustworthy.
Simple illustrations of people interacting conveys Kaiser's understanding of their customers individual needs.
The primary pattern is an abstract take on the logo, drawing from the rounded curves and dot. The curved path reflects Kaiser's ideals of being there to help their patients on the path to a healthier life while the dots signify the important points in their journey.
Photography is used as a storytelling device by capturing genuine, everyday moments.