Capstone with Annabelle Gould
Timeline – Spring Quarter 2020
Team – Brennan Jackson, Emma Switzer, Camille Vance, Mary Wojnar
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A coalition of designers who are emphasizing the importance of practicing curiosity through creative means during unprecedented times. We have utilized the design thinking skills we have gleaned throughout our education to explore new and familiar materials, while organizing a creative community to unite over a common cause.
As a team, we wanted to create an experience that showcased our design skills through various crafts, while also being able to offer memorabilia since we lost our in-person showcase.
Passionfruit was derived from the idea of persisting to “bear fruit” without the stability of our physical studio space, cohort, and friends.
Through this project, we raised over $2,000 to support various black activist organizations.
My role in this project designing and creating the website using Webflow.
For my individual craft, I created a set of dessert recipe cards in hopes of fostering connections.
Food has a knack for bringing people together, and during these unprecedented times I’ve noticed that cooking is an activity that many enjoy and sharing recipes has become a way for us to stay connected.