Together We Eat
Publication Design with Jayme Yen
Timeline – Fall Quarter 2019
A collection of anecdotes that highlight the important role food plays in our lives by building interpersonal connections. Sparked by a curiosity in the evolution of communal eating, I wanted to explore the various contexts in which we eat. The publication delves into the places, occasions, and people that bring us together, ultimately conveying that we become bonded by the simple act of sitting down to share a meal.
The simple cut-out window on the cover draws the reader in, creating an immersive feeling as one opens the book to reveal the full photo of a dinner party.
The publication signatures are bound together with coptic stitching, and left exposed so the book can lay completely flat allowing ease of use.
“Food has a knack for bringing people together, forging bonds and creating conversation.”

– Adam O'Daniel
The book is divided into three courses to mimic the structure of a meal. The first course, titled Small Bites, explores the history and psychology of communal eating and how it has evolved over time. Not only does eating together have the power to build social bonds, it creates a sense of community.
The Main Dish, making up the bulk of the book, tells various stories about the impact food has had in a person's life. The three categories explored include The Places We Come Together, Occasions We Celebrate, and People We Share Meals With.
Illustrations are used throughout the book to provide a handmade feel while giving the reader the opportunity to use their own imagination to bring them to life.
In the final section, titled A Sweet Treat, I recount the significant meals I've had in my life and the people I've shared them with.
I also challenge the reader to reminisce on their own food stories and add to the collection at the back.
“Food is more than survival. With it we make friends, court lovers, and count blessings. The sharing of food has always been part of the human history.”

– The Joy of Food, National Geographic